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A Guide to Gambling Online – Games of Skill

They say practice makes perfect, and that couldn’t be more true than with a game of skill. It can really increase your odds of winning when you gambling online or in a Las Vegas casino. Your skill in the game can increase your odds of winning. Blackjack and different games of poker are the games that are traditionally skill games. Here are a few great casino online gambling guide tips.

The basic rule in a game of skill is one where you pay to play then you can adjust your bet once you see the hand that you have. One thing that is very beneficial in these games of skill is mathematical skills and being able to come up with varying mathematical equations very quickly. If you memorize techniques, you can reduce and sometimes eliminate the edge of the house. 

Many of the sites online have a guide on how to play that game; you can use this guide in becoming an expert, therefore increasing your odds. Blackjack is the perfect example of mathematical skills helping you out. By knowing percentages of certain hands, for example, you can then increase the percentages in your favor and increase your chance of winning.

This can be said in poker as well. By knowing hand combinations it can give you the edge.  Counting cards is technically illegal and can get you thrown out of casinos in Las Vegas but you can count the aces and face cards, therefore increasing the possibility that they will or will not come up. Also there are no pit bosses to catch you if you decide to count cards online, but almost all of the online casinos know this and reshuffle their decks more than in real casinos.

The biggest edge the house has in the games of skill is from the players who don’t have the skill to play the game. Guesswork and predictions are much easier to come by then using memorization and the house is placing their bets on the fact that you, as the player, will take the easy way out.

This makes them money, but by knowing the game backwards and forwards, i.e. you are skilled in that game, the edge of the house is reduced dramatically. Intelligent online skill game players can face a house edge of only 1% or less versus the odds of double-digits that you can face by just guessing. If you can make a situation where the odds will be tilted in your favor and not the houses it is therefore a game of skill and having this option won’t happen in a game of chance. Also, know the odds of particular games, like bingo or poker. Gaming is a lot more fun when you know the odds.

It is obvious that gambling is a form of entertainment but it also can be more entertaining when you are winning. A mistake that people often make whether they are paying online or in a Las Vegas casino are that they jump in without knowing the nuances of the game. An advantage of gambling online is you have the time to learn the game. In Las Vegas you are generally there for a short period of time. If you want to increase your odds of winning by playing games of skill online, take the time and really study that game, read our articles about online casino gambling tips and then you will do better online and the next time your are in Las Vegas.


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