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A Guide to Gambling Online – Games of Chance

The traditional games of chance that can be played online or in regular casinos are baccarat, craps, roulette, and slots. It doesn’t matter the game, there are a couple of basic rules.

The house edge is what a gambler is playing against in any game of chance. In some games, such as craps, it lets you shave the edge very thin if you know what you are doing. Other games, such as baccarat, specialize in making the decision-making simple then leaving the outcome entirely to chance. Every game and gaming experience is obviously different, but you can improve your position by your knowledge of the game in which you are playing. In baccarat you may thing that bets or player, banker or tie will be even. This is not the case as bets that end up being ties give the house a 14% advantage where the player and the banks bets drop that edge to less than 2%, so it can be said that intelligent bets do not go on tie.  Here are a few other helpful casino online gaming guide tips.

In regards to predictions when playing games of chance online, there are some games that you can use your judgment in making your predictions. But there are other games that leave it all to luck to decide the outcomes. In craps, you can predict the next number that comes up on the dice and then bet accordingly, but in Baccarat you simply predict who is going to come up with the winning hand and then wait for the results of that hand. This is true in games online or in Las Vegas casinos.

Unfortunately, it is a fact games of chance are generally strewn with bets that are known as “sucker bets.” For example, in craps a play of, “don’t pass” leaves the house with a pretty small edge of 1.4%. A Big 6/Big 8 will give the house an edge of 9.1% and an Any 7 will give the house an edge of 16.7%. It is your choice, but know that a table of craps is full of bad places to put your good money and any way you look at it is a “sucker bet.” Also players that are smart will learn their game and know where the “sucker bets” lie.

One online game that is obviously a game of chance is bingo. Bingo can be a great form of entertainment as it is a game that can have you on the edge of your seat, whether at home or in a Las Vegas casino, as you are waiting for that last number before you yell “bingo!” in a big crowd or at home. The randomness of the numbers being called out leave everything to chance.

In games of chance online, it is a good thing to know, that considering it is a chance game, that there are going to be times where you will lose many times in a row but, conversely, you can win many times in a row. As a general guide, it is better to play the online games of chance if you are not an expert in the games of skill. If you plan to play a game of skill, whether it is online or in Las Vegas, make sure you know the game well before playing for your hard earned money. Get the skinny from the best casino online gambling guide.


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