Online Casino Bonuses

Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

Anyone who is interested in gambling online has already found out one of the basic truths: there are a whole lot of sites out there for your gambling needs. Blackjack, poker, sic bo, craps, slots, even bingo; there are hundreds of types of games to play at hundreds of casinos all over the Internet.

With such a huge number of options, it can sometimes be hard to decide what casino a prospective gambler will play at. This decision is a crucial one as far as the sites go. They depend on a steady influx of new and returning customers in order to make their money, and are very aware of the amount of competition out there. In order to get as many people gambling on their sites as possible, most casinos use a few similar strategies. Ensuring customers that their money and their personal information are as secure as possible is one way to attract customers. Another way is to show people considering the site how much the many other players on the site are winning every day; this will convince new players that they must get in on the action. Another tried and true method as far as attracting customers to online casinos is through the use of online casino bonuses. This type of bonus comes in several forms, and varies from casino to casino.

The most common type of online casino bonuses are the free online gambling casino bonus programs. These programs are set up to entice players to the site by offering them deals that appear free of charge. These deals often use cash giveaways as the reward for signing up with a specific site. Common bonuses in this category include sign-up bonuses, hard luck bonuses, and game play bonuses. In each case, players are attracted by the well-placed advertisement declaring the opportunity for free cash. What is harder to see is that although they are giving money away, the site also stands to gain considerable money through the offer. This is usually discovered through the fine print. Most bonuses are awarded only after certain conditions have been met by the player. These conditions may include rules about the number of times a bonus must be played through and/or rules regarding when a player can withdraw money from their account without losing the bonus.

Other types of online casino bonuses include member rewards style programs. The most popular program here of late seems to be the auction program. With this style of free online gambling bonus, players who frequent the site stand to gain points which they can then use in several types of auction. The amount of auction points accrued hinges upon the type of game that a player plays; some games are worth more points than others. Most casinos will even include another bonus along with the auction opportunity, as they give players who sign up for an auction account a chance to win credits through a draw or other incentive program.

Online casino bonuses are a common marketing tool for gambling sites to attract and keep new customers. In the competitive world of online gambling, this strategy has proved effective, as evidenced by the number of established casinos that still use the bonus strategy. For more information visit our page on 'how gambling sites make money on online casino bonuses'.