Online Casino Gambling Tips

Tips for new Online Gamblers

  1. To download or not to download – One of things a new online gambler will have to decide is if they want to play games that require downloading or ones that are simply run over the web. It depends on the games online you want to play, but generally, the casino games, especially if you are playing for money, you have to download some form of software onto your personal computer.
  1. After downloading the software what do I do? – The first thing to do after downloading the software is to reboot your computer. Generally this isn’t a requirement, but especially if your computer runs Windows they act better after rebooting. Once back up, you can click the icon on your desktop. If there is no icon, you can go to your start menu under “Programs” and it should be at the bottom of the list. Once you get the software running, it will generally connect you to the home site of the casino, verify your instillation, and then prompt you whether you want to play fro real or fun (money or no-money).
  1. Tips for collecting your money – When you have won an amount of money playing the games and you want to cash out online casinos usually have policies on when you can cash out and for how much. Usually you can only withdraw as much money to your credit card that you deposited. In getting more than the deposit you must be patient. In the casinos that allow you to withdraw immediately it could take weeks for the check to come in the mail. Some casinos will not let you withdraw your money until you receive a Pin number from the casino through the mail. And other casinos require various forms of identification to verify who you say you are.
  1. The facts about PIN numbers – Generally, the policies are secure, but they can be a little on the inconvenient side. Often, they give you a PIN number in order for you to get your winnings. The PIN usually comes through the mail and the casinos reasoning for this is the same as the credit card companies that do the same thing: it confirms that you actually live at the address you gave then and is in their database. This helps in the casino avoiding fraud.
  1. What does it cost – Just know that many online casinos will charge you a fee for withdrawal, whether it be a flat rate, a percentage, or if you want it all at one time they will charge more. A good tip is to read the “Banking” or “Withdraw” section in the online casino’s site. The majority of the time the fees are reasonable but contact them and make sure you know what they are.
  1. Tips on Bonuses – Before grabbing one of the bonuses that casinos often offer these days, you should read the fine print on how they work. There are many different types of bonuses that are offered but and most casinos will require you to play the bonus before withdrawing it and many make you play a few times. One thing NOT to do is abusing the bonus offers by re-registering using another name so you can get the bonus again. Online casinos are pretty adept at catching this and are very hostile towards the action of abusing the bonus privilege as every casinos penalty differ.

Learning to control your bankroll is by far one of the best tips you could adhere to.


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