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Have you heard of the sportsbook BoDog? Sure you have, everyone has. The sportsbook made its CEO and founder a self-made billionaire and now he is wanted in the US for all sorts of ridiculous charges. Would you like to know why? The reason might surprise you. The reason is because of the large amounts of cash the CEO was able to earn and thus, keep the Vegas books from getting their hands on their share of the sports betting cash they seemingly missed. It’s a fact. It’s not a myth.

In Vegas, betting on sports is big business. The online gambling venues have put a crunch on the numbers they see. Obviously, the online casinos haven’t really hurt the brick and mortar casinos because after all, people will still like live cards when they have the opportunity. With games like craps and blackjack being so interactive, there is nothing like being right there in the casino when you play your favorite games. However, sports betting is a different story.

NFL football wagering last year was at a record high overseas. The offshore gambling was phenomenal. The boys in Vegas saw a loss in revenue thanks to offshore online gambling. NFL football odds Vegas gave out were similar to those found online so not every bettor in the world checked with their Vegas connection when they were ready to run the tables on the books out there. They simply took it all overseas.

In the beginning, there was little concern over whether or not the overseas books could do any damage to the casinos’ sportsbook business. The reasons many were not concerned was because they had no reason to be concerned when some of the big players knew they could put the right crunch on the right people to force regulation.

However, just as it was evident in the days of prohibition, rebellion has been the order of the day. Ironically, in the era of prohibition, the mafia-type characters were the folks who evaded the law and today, the mafia-type characters are those who are trying to enforce the laws and yet, no one wants to obey them. Everyone is ready to fight for their rights and find a way to play irregardless of what the multi-billionaires in Vegas want.

The Vegas style way of running things is over. After all, people are a little more independent these days. While a damper has been placed on the poker rooms, sports betting is growing and strong. Keep in mind, bettors don’t have to have the internet to place their offshore sports bets which is one reason it is here to stay.

There have been a lot of changes in the way people are gambling but the biggest crunch felt in Las Vegas is really from the sports book offshore not from a riverboat or boat casino gambling offshore. Casino gambling offshore is where the true numbers are making a difference and it is driving the boys in Vegas nuts because they see the dollar signs from the top of their multi-million dollar buildings. Ultimately, they need the revenue to stay in Vegas and that can’t seem to do a lot about those numbers that seemingly are drifting away.


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