Offshore Gambling

Most countries disallow gambling and gaming on the Internet as in the United States. It is an illegal act in such specific countries. Therefore, many of the online casinios operate and offer gambling offshore. Offshore means to shift your company base to a country outside the country where such gaming and gambling is illegal. Hence, the casino has now to adhere to the rules and regulations of the offshore country. Often such offshore countries do not impose any restrictions other than offering fair game play and payouts. It can also be an online casino having its servers at some offshore location.

Why go offshore

The 1961 Wire Act states that betting over telephone lines is illegal. However, this does not apply to online wagering. In spite of various restrictions, more than seventy percent of the earnings of world internet gambling come from Americans. US tax department imposes restrictions to declare all gains from casinos. However, the department does not offer any consideration for losses from the internet casinos. No doubt, internet casino operators prefer operating from offshore online gambling locations.

Preferred Offshore Locations

The common offshore locations for internet gambling and offshore sport gambling are the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Companies offering gambling avenues on the Internet prefer these locations. Governments at these offshore locations impose very minimum taxes and offer legal and regulated gambling. Internet gambling helps you operate from any shore as long as you have an Internet connection. Online gambling industry has annual revenues exceeding $2.4 billion. It also offers immense opportunities for extensive growth and expansion not to mention favorable offshore gambling odds.


Although it is fun playing and gambling at these offshore casinos, you should take few precautions. Not all gambling casinos at such offshore sites are legal and offer a conducive gaming environment. Moreover, since these gambling casinos are at a location outside the jurisdiction of the law of your country, you cannot appeal for any injustice or discrepancies.

Investigate beforehand and gather all necessary information about the offshore casinos where you intend gambling and playing your games. You can also collect information from the Internet about the game sites from certain monitoring agencies functioning and providing the necessary information to players.

You can avoid gambling at the blacklisted sites, as these do not offer proper payouts. However, do not depend on these monitoring agencies alone; make direct attempts to contact the casino before providing any of your financial or personal details. The best advantage of such off shore casinos is that you can remain anonymous if need be. However, you lose your money if the casino is not a reputed one.

US government imposes restrictions and bans any type of advertisements about online casinos on the Internet, magazines, and television. However, these gambling houses operating from off shores do not advertise as such. They offer fun games and free games for players to play their game of choice. Thereafter, gamblers are able to locate these gambling houses at their offshore sites.  

The trend now is to indulge in gambling at offshore locations, as you are able to gamble in a secure and safe environment. Monitoring organizations like Interactive Gaming Council, The Offshore Gaming Association, and Fidelity Trust Gaming Association offer protection of your rights. You do not have to pay any membership fees too. Hence, most casino players now prefer gambling offshore. Such offshore online gambling also allows you to place sports bets through offshore sport gambling. Leading Internet sportsbooks also prefer this type of offshore gambling.

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