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It is a sad fact that the citizens of the developed countries of North America lag far behind their counterparts in other places in the world in many areas. Canada and the United States live in a bit of a bubble when it comes to the progression of world events, and this is seen in areas from medical research to world conservation. One area where the two countries are really losing out both in the interests of their citizens and in their own financial opportunities is the area of online gambling. Because of the stringent controls of gambling that both countries enforce, many disgruntled citizens are turning to foreign countries to gamble or to start up their own gambling businesses. This includes online sports sites, and one just one look at the amount of foreign based sites on the Internet shoes just how far behind North American has fallen and how much revenue is being lost. From the exciting scenes of Australia gambling online sports to the licenses issued by Antigua (who are soon to make their appearance among the “axis of evil”) North Americans and their governments are being left in the dust when it comes to games of chance.

The worst part about the entire situation is that the various levels of government appear not to care about the mess they are creating in their own backyards. As more and more people are turning to Australian gambling sports sites to place wagers on their favorite teams back home, they are beginning to discover a wider range of sports than they have ever thought possible. Australian gambling online sports sites offer a huge variety of sports to watch, bet on, and get information of from all over the world. Race car tracks in the Far East, football leagues from Europe, and both types of rugby are common fixtures on these sites, and it is only a matter of time until the major North American sports leagues begin to lose business as citizens realize just exactly why half of the world’s population is obsessed with cricket.

Why would citizens of North America turn to foreign sites such as those provided by Australia to gamble? The answer lies in the unfair laws which the governments of the continent apply to gambling. Gambling is officially frowned upon, especially sports gambling, yet in Canada, the provinces all run Sport Select lotteries. The problem with these lotteries? They are ridiculously tilted in favor of the provincial bookmakers, with stipulations crawling all over them that make winning next to impossible.

In the United States, the War on Gambling had a commando battle that no one (even Congress) saw coming when a last minute addition was added to the Safe Port Act which tried to end the proliferation of offshore gambling. Like most impossible fights, though, all the Act did was drive more business away from North America and get them to use even more foreign businesses, not only for gambling but now for banking as well.

The measures put forth against online gambling in sports and casinos in North America are ludicrous and outdated. One look at an Australia gambling sports online site will demonstrate that the rest of the world is more than ready to grab up the outflow as North America continues to send money where people will accept it. It won’t be long until North American sports markets feel the pinch as well. Read our article on gambling legal online sports.


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