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The Real Truth About Sports Gambling

When it comes to a guide to sports gambling, most will gloss over some of the most important facts about the activity: its legality. Filled with tips and tutorials, these guides can seem very useful, but without some precautionary advice they are doing the people who enjoy sports gambling a disservice. While this guide will not necessarily help you to understand the intricacies of any one system, it will be sure to provide you with some solid advice when it comes to questions about the legalities of gambling.

The best tip is one that will keep you out of trouble. When it comes to gambling on sports, there are a lot of ways that you can get into some sticky legal situations. The prevalence of gambling on the web and even land based books lends the process a veneer of legality that is not, in fact, based in truth. The real truth about sports gambling is that it is for the most part illegal in all states and provinces in North America with a few exceptions.

The biggest exceptions to the prohibition on sports gambling are in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is the one area in which all types of sports gambling are permitted, including parlays, teasers, money lines, over/unders, and futures of all types. There are also a lot of different types of stylized bets such as who will get the most field goals, free throws, or penalty shots.

Outside of Vegas, there are very few legal sports gambling opportunities. A good guide to sports betting will tell you that this does not mean there are no opportunities within the law, though. All states allow pari-mutuel betting, a system under which the government takes a percentage of the total bets laid before the winners are paid out. The payout is therefore decreased, but if you enjoy betting on horses or dogs, then this tip should not take away from the fun of placing a bet.

At least one state allows sports gambling in the form of a lottery. Oregon introduced the system over the protest of the National Football League some years ago. The best tip that any guide can offer is to stay far, far away from state sponsored lotteries. The odds are gross and the payout relatively low; in fact, many people refer to them as a “tax on the stupid”!

Finally, governments at the federal, state or provincial levels have recognized the most popular form of sports gambling in the fantasy pool. There are pools for every major league, organized by friends, co-workers, and by major sports publications and networks. They are a fun way to bet and possibly make some money, although tips and tutorials on winning strategies in pools are few and far between. An important tip to keep in mind is that you are not allowed (by law!) to pick only players from one team in your fantasy pool.

I hope that this guide to sports gambling regulations has helped you to understand some of the legalities involved in the activity. Most people do not really care whether sports gambling is illegal or not, they will place bets anyway. The truth is that being aware of the facts regarding sports gambling will cause no harm. Also, see our article 'Gambling Guide For Sports Enthusiasts'.


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