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Tips and Tutorials - The Points Spread

There are lot of different tips and tutorials that can be found when it comes to gambling on sports. This article guide to sports gambling is a bit of a catch all for tips and techniques that will be of service to you when you are making wagers on sports gambling opportunities that are legal only in Las Vegas. They will also help you when it comes to gambling outside of the law, but the first tip here is that the law excludes almost all types of gambling on sports outside of Sin City, so you bet at your own risk!

Tip 1) Understanding where a points spread comes from, and what it is based on

Because football is the most popular sport to bet on at all levels in the United States, the most common form of gambling bet is on the points spread. Point spread not only identify an underdog and a favorite, they also allow an opportunity for a  bettor to win money on the underdog if they can keep within a certain amount of points of the victorious favorite (this will also include an upset win by the underdogs).

The biggest misconception when it comes to point spreads is that the favorite is the best team according to the logic of the game. This is FALSE. Bookmakers in Las Vegas base the spread on the amount of betting that is taking place on one team or another, in order to determine a profit after the payout. Therefore, if a team is playing that has a large and fanatical fan base who insists on betting on their team, the spread is going to point to them as favorites.

Tutorial help example. This situation has in fact happened before. In the Super Bowl of 1969, the New York Jets were playing the Baltimore Colts. Colts fans loved their boys, and bet accordingly. The spread opened up with the Colts as 17-point favorites. The betting on the Colts continued heavily through the first half, and the spread was bumped up to 18. The Jets hammered the Colts and the books made their vig. The spread was determined not by a knowledge of the sport or a crystal ball, but strictly on the need for the books to make a profit without being at risk.

Tip 2) Shop Around

Most cities have a lot of different bookmakers, whether legal or not. Dedicated bettors can look around for the points spread that offers the best action. This works perfectly in an example like that mentioned above; if the majority of bettors likes a team that just won’t win, a clever gambler stands to make a good profit on the bet. The books are concerned with their vigorish, so the payout will be even.

Tutorial. If you know your sport, don’t be afraid to go with your instinct. A smart gambler has a good chance of making money off of a naïve public; in this day of bandwagons, there is money to be made.

This online guide to sports gambling has tried to help clarify some of the misconceptions and opportunities that come up with points spreads. This information should be very useful to you when it comes to the chance to make a profit!


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