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Many people remain confused over whether or not gambling is open to all. With a proliferation of casinos and charity tournaments across North America, it would seem to the casual viewer that gambling is a perfectly acceptable way to make a dollar and pass the time. However, most gambling is not legal, and governments want to retain strict control over gambling’s presence in the developed North American countries. This extends to online betting sports gambling, which is actually an extension of a major no-no as far as the governments of the United States and Canada are concerned.

Sports betting has always been frowned upon by the governments at all levels in both countries. Placing a bet on a sport match is regarded as risky over and above the usual concerns of addiction and abuse that go with other gambling activities. Sports are important to how a country views itself, and opponents of betting fear that the system will undermine the integrity of sports. As evidenced by Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson, betting in sports offers players an incredible incentive to throw games in order to earn some quick money. A recent case involving Janet Gretzky and Rick Tocchet further illustrated the United States’ intention to prosecute sports gambling whenever it could, despite the proliferation of the activity.

Gambling online is no more legal than gambling offline, but online betting sports gambling continues to thrive for several reasons. The first, and most important, reason is that it is totally legal in several other countries around the world, including Britain. Until recently, this meant that bettors from the United States and Canada could use foreign based companies to place their sporting bets. With the passage of the Safe Port Act, though, the United States may have stopped the outflow of gambling dollars, including those placed on sports (football matches in UK betting are particularly popular). It is not unreasonable to assume that Canada will not be far behind.

The attitude towards gambling in sports, both online and off, is one that needs to be corrected. If nothing else, the lack of prosecution in Canada means that the government does not officially endorse the activity, but does not really see any harm in it. In fact, many could argue that by including programs like Sport Line in provincial revenue schemes, the various levels of government endorse gambling as long as it is made difficult for the gambler, which would appear to be counter to its official position.

You can now participate in Sport Line online as an online betting sports gambling activity, but as noted above the odds are so high (particularly with the parlay system) there really is not much of a chance at winning. Nevertheless, there are several sports online gambling site opportunities that are well publicized and seem to have escaped the notice or concern of lawmakers. Until the governments wake up and are honest about this fun past time, these are the place where sports enthusiasts will have to use their skills.


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