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Guide to Sports Gambling:
The Fantasy Pool - Tips and Tutorials

With the number of gambling opportunities out there today, there is much to be said for deciding on a specific style of gambling in order to guarantee a profit. Once you decide on a style that suits you, you should learn the system well enough to make some money every time. This guide to sports gambling concerns the systems of fantasy pools. These are one of the few forms of sports gambling that are allowed under federal law, and the only type that is legal concerning organized team sports.

Tip 1) Don’t let your feelings guide you!

The kiss of death in any fantasy pool is to go with your heart. It’s just a fact that the boys on your team are not all the best in the league. A fantasy pool is all about the totals accumulated by all the players, so you want to make sure you are picking the very best players available, not the best players on your favorite team.

Tutorial Example. You love the New York Rangers. They are a great team and they do have quite a few skilled players, from rookies to twilight players to forwards to defencemen. But basing a pick solely based on the color of the uniform is an extremely bad idea. In 2006, for example, Jaromir Jagr was a solid pick. He scored a lot in the 05/06 season, and has good backup on the team. If you had first pick and took Jagr over Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, though, because you hate the Penguins, you lost the entire pool, because Crosby is on pace to beat Wayne Gretzky’s rookie record and lead the NHL by almost 40 points!

Tip 2) Look for dark horses!

A lot of credence is given to the dark horses when it comes to fantasy pool picks. This guide to sports gambling emphasizes the importance of the players that might be down on the list in last year’s scoring. You should look for players that were injured at some point during the last season or who had compromised point totals for any other number of reasons.

Tutorial Example: In a National Hockey League pool, Patrick Elias appears at number 66 in last year’s scoring. This is not because he had an off year, but because he was fighting an illness for the first half of the previous season. His numbers should actually be doubled for the real projection for this season. Also look for players who missed the season or parts of the season due to a contract dispute or who just weren’t signed.

Fantasy pools offer a lot of opportunities to win, and a knowledgeable gambler will take advantage of all the tips and tutorial help they can to make their pools profitable for them. This guide to sports gambling has offered two important things to keep in mind when it comes to winning your fantasy pool; the more you enter, the more money you are likely to win! Also, see our article on 'Sports Gambling Online Gambling Guide'.


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