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Guide to Sports Gambling - What are the Best Bets?

There are several considerations when it comes to laying down some bets on sports. You might like to bet only on your favorite sport, a particular event, or engage in a certain type of betting system. This guide to sports gambling is for those gamblers who are looking for tips and tutorials about which kinds of bets offer the best odds or the best payouts. Not all systems are created equally, and if you want to make some money then you have to know where the best odds are.

The best tip anyone can offer you is to avoid state lotteries at all costs. In the United States, state lotteries do not usually include any type of sport betting because of the general attitude towards the activity by those in authority. However, other countries, such as Canada, do offer opportunities to play on government sponsored cards. Make no mistake, the odds on these cards suck. It is unlikely that anyone will win based on the parlay system that has been set up by most of the provinces, and there is no tutorial in the world that can offer you enough help to even give you a good chance of making money on a state lottery!

Along the same lines, the next tip this guide to sports gambling has to offer is to stay away from parlay cards whenever possible. Parlay cards mean that you have to accurately call all of the victors on a certain card, which may have as few as three or as many as ten different games. Obviously, the payout for an accurate ten card parlay will be big, but the odds are lessened significantly, and never proportionately.

In fact, when it comes to odds, the very nature of gambling suggests that the greater the odds are, the better the payoff must be. This is demonstrably untrue in the case of horse race betting. Horse racing and betting is popular all over the world, and one type of bet is known as “exotic” bets. These bets are placed on several horses to win in different races. The best payouts and the least odds are on the “pick six” options, wherein a gambler must pick six horses to win six designated races. It would seem that the payoff in this situation must be huge, but the fact is that the payout is decreased significantly in situations where more than one person makes accurate picks; in fact, the winners could end up LOSING money!

One of my favorite types of bet are those on futures. Futures can be placed on big events like the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup winners. A person with a really good instinct and understanding of the sport involved stands to win a lot of money on futures when they correctly call the outcome of the most important games of the season.

This casino gambling guide has endeavored to outline some tips when it comes to maximizing your potential to win on any given sports gamble. Whatever method you choose, remember to play within your limits and to have fun. Good luck!


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